early on



At age 17, Noah received a very specific download about a neighborhood molestation in his local town in a suburb of New York. He accurately identified the identity of the oppressor. While this information was not socially accepted by his family at the time, he could always sense truth about names, numbers, and current events.

In 2014, he predicated a gas explosion in Harlem, NY the day before it happened. Noah was walking in Union Square and he felt the ground shaking and smelled something peculiar in the air, and informed his colleagues. They next day at 9:30am he got a call that an explosion at that exact location had occurred. After that, Noah stopped caring about being socially accepted, and developed his strength and courage to share information in hopes to help his clients and community in a positive way. 


At a young age, Noah was experiencing various health issues, from rashes to fatigue, he was always overweight and struggled to feel good in his body. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Noah visited various doctors, and took his health into his own hands. He became passionate about all angles of wellness, from supplements to holistic nutrition. Noah became self educated and found himself interning at ALOHA. He quickly moved into product development and formulation for the brand. After watching them successful grow in New York, Noah began consulting for other various wellness companies across the globe including Torii Labs, Ritual, and Evermore. He continues to consult on product innovation and has recently developed his own product line called Higher Mind.